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Private Sessions
$65.00 single session

Prepaid Package Special Rates
3 sessions - $160 (NEW customers only, $35 savings!)
5 sessions - $300 ($25 savings)
10 sessions - $550 ($100 savings)
20 sessions - $1,000 ($300 savings)

All sessions are 55 minutes in duration.
By appointment only.

Payment is cash or check, payable to
Amy Valent-Ribot.

Amy teaching the Rowing Series.
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Monday 6 AM - 8 PM
Tuesday 6 AM - 8 PM
Wednesday 6 AM - 8 PM
Thursday 6 AM - 8 PM
Friday 6 AM - 7 PM
Saturday 8 AM - 2 PM
Sunday 8 AM - 1 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Summer hours: Closed Saturday and Sunday - Memorial Day through September.

1201 Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ

BOOKING: All sessions are by appointment only. You can make appointments by phone (201-365-8866) or e-mail.

CANCELLATIONS: As a courtesy to other clients, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you must cancel a session, please e-mail, call or text (201) 365-8866 at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, a missed session is non-refundable and charged in full.

STANDING STATUS: A standing status guarantees the same day and time slot every week. A 3-month minimum commitment is required to attain a standing status.

PAYMENT: Only cash or personal checks are accepted. Make checks payable to Amy Valent-Ribot.

EXPIRATION: There will be a 1-year expiration date, counting from the first session, for prepaid packages.

REFUND: Prepaid packages are non-refundable. Unused sessions can be transferred to another person by prior arrangement.

HEALTH CONDITIONS: You must disclose any serious health conditions such as neck, back or joint injuries, heart disease, high blood pressure, recent surgery, pregnancy, etc. prior to your first session.

When you first arrive, you will fill out brief paperwork. This should only take about five minutes. You can show up five minutes early, however, any earlier than that is not advised. The first few sessions might start out slow and educational, since the the Pilates Method is quite precise. This is not how subsequent sessions will be. As you understand the fundamentals of each exercise, the sessions will move more rapidly. From there, the sessions can take a more creative approach, ensuring variety for all your lessons!

ATTIRE: Wear athletic clothing that is flexible and not restrictive, such as biker shorts, sweats, t-shirts, tights and leotards. All sessions are done wearing socks, but not shoes. Pregnant and menopausal clients should consider layering their clothing to avoid overheating.

FOOD AND DRINK: To avoid low blood sugar scenarios during sessions, please use your judgement in the timing of snacks. For those with a very fast metabolism, arriving on an empty stomach could result in lightheadedness. For others, having a snack one or two hours beforehand may make another student feel too full. Typically, pregnant women need to snack one hour before exercising. For best results, choose snacks that are rich in complex carbohydrates and low in fats. Attending a session after a large meal will certainly hamper performance, since Pilates focuses on deep abdominal contractions throughout.

In order to improve service and meet our customers' changing needs, it may be necessary to occasionally revise prices, policies, services, and working hours.